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Profile and Certificates

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My 'Why':


Hypnotherapy is not just a professional choice for me; it's a deeply personal journey rooted in my own transformative experience with hypnosis. Before I encountered hypnosis, I had already spent years engaging with yoga and meditation to explore the deeper levels of the mind.

Throughout my life, I've been accompanied by emotions of heaviness that I couldn't link to any specific experiences or memories, and which I could physically feel quite distinctly in triggered moments. Ultimately, I reached a point where I decided to confront these feelings rather than continue to suppress them and remain stagnant. I had decided that I wanted to make a change.

Through hypnotherapy, I was able to uncover the cause of these feelings and heaviness in my subconscious and resolve the emotions. This turning point was not only crucial for me personally but also ignited my passion to help others with this method.

Everyone deserves a life not burdened by the chains of past experiences and limiting beliefs.

And now, I earn my living by helping people live more freely. And that just feels wonderful.

"Master your mind, shape your life."

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