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Systemic Coach
Breathwork & Yoga Instructor
Health Care Professional for Psychotherapy

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In this first conversation you will experience what a session with me feels like. And we will find out how I can help you with my methods.
Hypnosis Sessions Online - save and effective

Experience shows that hypnosis sessions via videochat are as effective as sessions in a local practice on site.

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Hypnosis is the art of leading someone into a trance state and then using the imagination to create experiences that are helpful for the client to overcome problematic issues. In the trance state, the subconscious can be offered new alternatives for behaviour and reality.

Since 2006, hypnosis has been recognized as a scientifically based method by the german "Scientific Advisory Board on Psychotherapy". Research suggests that in many ways the unconscious does not differentiate between vividly imagined and actually experienced situations, at least with regard to the effect of these imaginations. Thus, the effect-related work with the unconscious is the focus of hypnosis.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I can tell you that trance itself is a natural, and often occurring, relaxed state of mind.
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My 'Why' - My Motivation:


By using regression techniques from hypnotherapy, I was able to uncover and resolve a deeply rooted, prenatal trauma in myself. This trauma unconsciously shaped different areas of my life for a long time.

However, after hypnotherapy, this experience became an extremely valuable resource. This experience showed me a glimpse of the unbelievable possibilities of modern hypnotherapy, and this motivates me to help others to live life more free and conscious.


My motivation is to support others in their personal challenges by finding and using hidden resources and treasures in their subconscious.

"A goal without a date is just a dream."

- Milton H. Erickson

"A goal without a date is just a dream."

- Milton H. Erickson

Your advantages with me:

  • 5,0 ★★★★★ High Quality Rated Service

  • No month-long waiting lists

  • Protected environment of your own home. Particularly suitable for people who are physically or mentally unable to leave their homes!

  • Hypnotherapy online is location-independent. No matter whether abroad or at home. It can be carried out anywhere there is an internet connection and where you have the opportunity to relax.

  • Cause-oriented resolution approach and solution-oriented integration

  • Scientifically recognized and effective methods

  • Intensive preparation for the hypnosis

  • Individualized concept with personal online sessions and optional video material for you at home

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