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Hypnosis Sessions Online  -  Secure and Effective

Experience shows that hypnosis sessions via videocall are as effective as sessions in a practice on site.

The therapists voice is the most important element of the session. Through state-of-the-art audio equipment the sound quality of your session is ensured.



First we will have a free-of-charge consulting call. (Book your appointment in the online calendar.) We will look at your topic and answer all open questions. If we decide to work together, you can book an appointment for the therapy session.

During the booking process you will be asked to answer some questions. Please answer them the best way you can.

After the booking of the appointment you will receive an email with detailed information. Please read it completely before your session. The information in the email is already part of your process and important for your session preparation.

In the booking confirmation email you will find all the details of your booking, plus the link to the Zoom videocall.


At the beginning of the session we ensure, that we can see and hear each other well and that you can find a comfortable position for the hypnosis part.

Then we will have an extensive preliminary talk in which we will get to know each other better. We will bring some light on the background of your topic and I will answer all open questions.

For the unlikely case of losing the internet connection, we will discuss a short protokol that ensures a relaxed and comfortable continuation of the session.



Hypnosis is teamwork! I dependent and trust on your cooperation at all times! You decide where you want to allow changes in your life. Nothing will happen that you don't want. 


After the hypnosis you will feel very good and relaxed. We will sit together and talk about the work that we did, and about what comes next.

There are a few necessary conditions for a successful online sessions:

  • PC, laptop, tablet or phone with camera

  • Functional Internet connection - min. 16 MBit/s

  • Headphones with microphone / On-Ear-Headset with audio cable (no Bluetooth)

  • Installation of the videochat application Zoom

  • A comfortable and quiet place, where you will stay undisturbed

You will get a checklist in the booking process. This way we will ensure an optimal session.

If you are not sure, whether or not an online session is suitable for you, you can book a free-of-charge consultation.

I am happy to answer your questions.

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