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Experience shows that hypnosis sessions via videocall are as effective as sessions in a traditional office. The most important element of the hypnosis is the therapists voice!

Even though the therapists voice is the most important element of the session, sound elements like hypnotic background music, isochronic and binaural frequencies and sound effects can have a great impact on the hypnotic experience.

All sessions at Hypnosis Therapy Online are performed with HypnoSonic® without surcharge!

The sound quality of your session is secured by using state-of-the-art audio equipment. To get an impression of HypnoSonic®, please listen to the trance journeys you can find on this page. For the best effect, please use stereo headphones.

There are a few necessary conditions for a successful online sessions.


You need:

  • PC, laptop, tablet or phone with camera

  • Functional Internet connection - min. 16 MBit/s

  • Headphones with microphone / On-Ear-Headset with audio cable (not Bluetooth)

  • Installation of the videochat application Zoom

  • A comfortable and quiet place, where you will stay undisturbed

You will get a checklist in the booking process. This way we will ensure an optimal sound quality and session.

If you are not sure, whether or not an online session is suitable for you, you can book a free-of-charge consultation.
I am happy to answer your questions.

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