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"On Breath" | Breathwork & Pranayama Online Course


Breathwork & Pranayama Online Course In this course we go beyond the ordinary inhale - exhale structure of breathing classes and look into the physiological details, psychological effects and even therapeutic applications of breathing techniques. ☆ 29 Hours FullHD Video Material ☆ 31 Techniques fully explained ☆ 25 Guided Sessions ☆ 5 Recorded Hypnosis Sessions ☆ HypnoBreathwork® ☆ Meditations on Gratefulness * all breathing & awareness techniques are fully explained * info about therapeutical applications of the techniques * psychological & physiological effects * anatomy & physiology of breathing * ... . In a single day, we inhale about 10-20,000 liters of air, depending on your breathing behaviour, physical condition and exercise. That is a huge amount of air, and since one liter of air at 20 degrees weighs around 1,2 gram it makes up 12-24 kilos of air, in other words about 10 to 15 times more than the amount of food we eat. One of the major goals of this course is to give you the confidence to create your own breathing sessions with the techniques you learn here. By participating in the course you declare that you are fit to take part in the course. You declare, that you do not have any of the following conditions: - heart diseases - serious hypertension - epilepsy - kidney failure - serious asthma - recently performed surgery - migraine - pregnancy Enjoy the course!



On Breath - Pranayama Course, €29.00/month


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