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On Breath - Pramayama ESSENTIALS (Free Teaser)


Learn how to use your breath as a tool to take care of your mind and your body. ☆ 2 Hours Of FullHD Video Material ☆ 4 Techniques ☆ 3 Guided Sessions ☆ Stretching Exercises ☆ Hypnotic Suggestions ☆ Meditations In a single day, we inhale about 10-20,000 liters of air, depending on your breathing behaviour, physical condition and exercise. That is a huge amount of air, and since one liter of air at 20 degrees weighs around 1,2 gram it makes up 12-24 kilos of air, in other words about 10 to 15 times more than the amount of food we eat. The goal of this course - teaser is to give you a first impression of the "On Breath" Course Series structure and content. After the full course you will ... 1) ... have learned important techniques to improve your awareness and strengthen your health. 2) ... and you will know the specific benefits that come with each technique. During the course you will experience that... 1) ... your attention span will have changed. Your concentration will improve. 2) ... your ability to focus and hold this focus will increase. 3) .... and you will have more overall energy and mental calmness during the day.





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