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Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to help people stop smoking. I would like to explain to you why hypnosis is so effective for this.

David Römmler


Systemic Coach
Breathwork & Yoga Instructor
Health Care Professional for Psychotherapy

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“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”


In this first conversation you will experience what a session with me feels like. And we will find out how I can help you with my methods.
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Experience shows that hypnosis sessions via videochat are as effective as sessions in a local practice on site.

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Indeed, the reasons for smoking differ individually. However, from my experience as a hypnotherapist, I can roughly divide smokers into two categories.

A. The first category of people smokes out of habit, is conditioned to smoke, and has unconsciously made positive emotional associations with smoking. With these people, the processes of modern hypnosis focused on smoking cessation are sufficient to change their behavior in the long term.

B. The second category of people smokes to better manage negative emotions. These people smoke because of minor or major traumas that make it impossible for them to deal with their own feelings without the help of the cigarette. Here it is important to work on the background to resolve the respective traumas and to strengthen positive resources. The processes focused on smoking cessation are NOT sufficient for these category of smokers! The dynamics are more complex here. I know of many examples where people tried to stop this way, but unfortunately they started again because the traumas in the background were still unmanaged.


For both categories, I offer a session program  -  focussed on smoking cessatin and all the relevant background dynamics. Please have a look at Miriam's testimonial:

In hypnosis we will reveal the triggering events, which might go back to your deepest childhood. For this we will create a save space in our session.


Analyze & Uncover


Treat & Digest


Stabilize & Integrate


In 5 online sessions (90 min. each) we will use modern hypnosis methods, systemic tools, and breathwork techniques, depending on your needs and stage in the process.

Additionally you will get access to online video material
for breathing exercises,
from which we can select the specific exercises suitable for you. This video material is optional. The hypnosis program can of course be done without it.

Investment: 595,- €
- incl. German VAT. -
Smoking cessation is considered a coaching service and therefore VAT applies. 

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