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Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods for behaviour change and personality work. I would like to explain to you why hypnosis is so effective for this.

David Römmler


Systemic Coach
Breathwork & Yoga Instructor
Health Care Professional for Psychotherapy

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“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”



We often encounter jealousy in the context of romantic relationships: A boyfriend who forbids his girlfriend from talking to other men, for instance. Or a person, who can’t stand to see one of her last relationships post pictures with a new partner on Facebook. But jealousy can occur in almost all types of human relationship — from siblings competing for parental attention to coworkers trying to impress a respected superior.

Although jealousy is a painful emotional experience, evolutionary psychologists regard it not as an emotion to be suppressed but as one to heed and to pay attention to — as a sign or a wake-up call, that a valued relationship is in danger and that steps need to be taken to regain the affection of the respective person. As a result, jealousy is seen as a necessary emotion, because it preserves social bonds and motivates people to engage in behaviors that maintain important relationships.

Nevertheless, sometimes it can be too much to bear. Research has identified many root causes of extreme jealousy, including insecurity and low self-esteem, high neuroticism, and feeling possessive of others, particularly romantic partners. Fear of abandonment is a key motivator. 

All this factors can be worked on with hypnosis. Especially the fear of abandonment and the respective attachment traumas can be addressed with hypo-analytic techniques. 



I offer a session program  -  focussed on resolving all the relevant background dynamics and emotions. In hypnosis we will reveal the influencing events, which might very well go back to your deepest childhood experiences. For this we will create a save space in our session.


Analyze & Uncover


Treat & Digest


Stabilize & Integrate


In 5 online sessions (90 min. each) we will use modern hypnosis methods, systemic tools, and breathwork techniques, depending on your needs and stage in the process.

Additionally you will get access to online video material
for breathing exercises,
from which we can select the specific exercises suitable for you. This video material is optional. The hypnosis program can of course be done without it.

According to § 4 No. 14 letter a UStG (German Law), medical treatments in the field of human medicine are exempt from VAT. Unfortunately, Hypnotherapy is usually not covered by health insurance. In case of doubt, please contact your health insurance.

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